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LET’s see what our girls have to say...

We love the way a dress makes youFeel when you wear it.

We love to work with designers who are ‘us.’ And that’s why we’re brand partners with each one we carry. We trust their reliability, consistency and strength within the industry and believe in their brand as much as our own.

Not everyone cries in a ballgown. Some weep in the cleanest of cuts and simplest of statements. Some find exactly what they had pictured, others have to throw caution to the wind and try the wildcard on. That’s why we don’t just have one style or look, but when you know, you know. Just go with it and see which one steals your heart.

Your size should never define your worth

The main service we offer is the experience of finding a wedding dress. We make sure that is available for EVERY bride we serve, EVERY shape and size. 

Never, should you step into our shop with fear. The size on your clothing label shouldn’t ever stop you finding that moment with us. You shouldn’t feel you have to go to a specialist shop. You want to be a bride like everyone else, to have that moment of pure joy when you find that dress. Our dress samples in this range start at 18 and go up to 28. With over 24 dresses to choose from you won’t need to settle.   

Some of the dresses didn’t get photographed on a plus size model but, believe me, it really works. Not all of our collection is on here, as some are exclusive to us !

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