LET’s see what our girls have to say...

WE hope you are excited to
find your dress. here’s

the plot

Starting your dress search is a huge moment, so of course it’s normal to be a little apprehensive.

Especially if you’ve never tried anything on before or have no idea about how it all works.

If we were to write a script of what a typical appointment looks like it would go a little something like this.

This is just the skeleton so there’s always a tonne more fun built in and it will never feel forced let alone scripted. This is just our way of giving you a flavour of the process and what happens.

Setting the scene…. Our bride, the star of the show, engaged and with her venue booked, She needs a dress for the biggest day of her life!. So she is coming to Emily Bridalwear.  She’s about to walk into the shop for her bridal  appointment.


Act one:

The beginning

You’re unsure, maybe nervous maybe excited. But it’s happening, you’re about to walk through the door.  You’re greeted by a consultant and taken to your private fitting area. You walk past all our dresses. The nerves and excitement kick in fully now!. We start chatting about the wedding plans and what ideas you have. Hopefully the nerves are settling and the excitement is building. Refreshments are given and your consultant then goes and starts the wedding dress search, while you relax, cheers to the occasion and wait for ACT 2.

Act two:

Scene Change – Your Private Fitting Area.

While your consultant is searching for the perfect styles to start with you suddenly realise that you’re about to attempt to pull off the skinny jeans and you wonder if your consultant will notice you forgot to paint your toenails…


Act three:


Your consultant helps you try on first dress (she didn’t notice whether toenails were painted by the way, she was too busy getting you into dress and wondering if you’ll love it). You walk out to gasps of delight or a chorus of hmmmmm that’s ‘nice’ (the killer of all labels for a dress).

The you see yourself for first time, the nerves or excitement kick in again. There’s more chatting, more hmmmms and more decisions made about styles… This repeats as many or as few times as needed, until… the nerves subside, you’re actually really enjoying it… then


The moment


You meet your dress. The dress. You see herself in her. Bride team are quiet, loud, screeching, crying or all of those things, all at once. You realise you look quite beautiful. Something clicks. You like the dress. Scrap that, you LOVE the dress. You then choose what you want to do next….


… Sequel to be ‘Trying your dress on, choosing accessories and fitting the dress,’ released in 6 months!

It doesn’t have to be complicated, but of course there’s a little more to it than that. There’s a lot more discussion, a lot more emotion and loads of celebrating.

We want you to love your time with us, and that’s the reason why we’re at the top of brides lists of shops. It’s not about going through the motions for us, we’re here to help you experience something special and we’ve created an environment to help you do just that. So you can really enjoy your time and create some amazing memories.

Your appointment is exactly that, YOURS. Do as you wish with it. If there’ something you want to try on, try it on. If you want to try just one dress on or 10 dresses on, do it. Do everything your heart desires, so that when you find your dress you will feel content that you have found it the right way, your way.

We hope to see you very soon to experience it all for yourself.

If you have any questions please
don’t hesitate to