LET’s see what our girls have to say...

We are real women celebrating

real moments

since 2008

Many things have changed since we opened, but our focus and our love for what we do has always stayed strong.

This is because what we believe in hasn’t change and our commitment to it has never wavered. Our bride and her happiness is paramount. Our desire to make incredible moments keeps us always offering amazing experiences and amazing service.

We love

what we do

Surrounded by a lot of love and laughter, we’re always working hard to create genuine moments to celebrate.

We’ll do more than just find you a dress. We will help to make you feel the best you’ve ever felt. So you feel excited for what’s to come and love yourself a little bit more than before.

We greet you with warmth and excitement and hug you goodbye with your soul fired up and your heart full. And we believe in bigging women up, with encouragement and praise, so we’ll never dismiss anything or make you feel like you can’t wear something.

None of us are from distinctive backgrounds that suggest we’d be perfect as bridal consultants. Instead we have the caring personality needed for our role.

We are genuine people, with real backgrounds and real bodies!

We are all fixers and we like to make people feel happy, so our days are made by making those around us feel better.

Each of us have slightly different quirks, but fundamentally we all have the same drive. We just love to work with likeminded, supportive women and to pass on the love and support we have for each other, to anyone who walks through our door.

All of my girls I had a gut feeling about. I loved them immediately, they’re all people I adore spending time with and who make my life better and more fulfilling. They support me, tell me I’m being crazy when I am and tell me I’m right when I am! They also tell me off as much as they praise me! Which I need and adore. These girls represent Emily Bridalwear to their core.



I am not a thrill-seeker, let me keep my feet firmly on the ground please.  I am that person that had a full blown crying episode after a water ride at center parcs. My husband is desperate to get me on a skiing holiday but those lifts! I get sweaty palms thinking about them!

My passion lies with running something that is more than just a business, I truly believe in what we do at Emily Bridalwear is so much more than selling wedding dresses. My focus is and has always been to create something that is authentic, valued, and special. To create moments that live with a woman for the rest of their life. Moments that remind them of how unique, important, and loved they are. How they deserve to be and do anything they choose to do. I wanted to create that for my brides as well as my staff. EB is a place full of unconditional acceptance and love. A place to champion everything that a woman is and to unapologetically be every side of themselves without fear of judgment for being too emotional, too kind, or too soppy. I am incredibly proud to own and run this business, to work with and meet inspiring, wonderful, and lovely women, that choose and trust us with those memories and moments.


I think I was always destined to run a business, as I have a problem with rules. I find a lot of them don’t make sense. I was always the one at school that would wear odd socks just because I wanted to rebel. But only enough for myself to feel naughty, I didn’t actually like getting told off! I don’t make sense on paper! I definitely have two personalities that conflict with each other, yet at my core is the desire for those around me to be happy and then I can rest and feel settled. I love giving presents more than receiving them, I am an awful receiver! Many a present has been returned for something I actually wanted or liked more. It is now a running joke with my family and friends. I’m terrible at small talk and being polite. I overshare everything, my time, my thoughts, my love, everything except FOOD. Never ever expect to share my food. Try and you’ll meet my 3rd personality that only comes out on a netball court!


I broke my ring finger and now can’t wear my engagement ring or wedding band on the correct finger. So I always get asked with trepidation at the shop, ‘I thought you were married?!’ The naughty person in me does a sad sigh before I reply, just to add to the tension before I explain!


Em has travelled Europe for her Husband’s job and as soon as they settled back in her home city of Sheffield she was straight into applying for a role with us. She was that keen she sent me an unfinished CV, but there was something about the way she approached me and her tone, so I invited her in. It felt like we were chatting forever and then she said a phrase that will sit with me forever, “She looked at me like I had taken a sh*t in her kettle.” Who says that in an interview, let alone in real life! I loved her. Fast forward 7 years and she has been and always will be my rock and biggest supporter of everything EB stands for.  She’s a clean freak, if you want Emma to get all excited you tell her there is a new zoflora fragrance out. She lives for tidy and clean!



She had to go all the way to Magaluf to meet her husband, who also happened to live in Sheffield as well!


Our Meggy moo, you immediately adore her when you meet her, she is one of those annoyingly lovely girls. Genuinely lovely, plus she is funny too. But there isn’t anything to dislike about her. I tried finding it, but there isn’t anything there!  Passionate about her role at Emily Bridalwear and takes finding your dress personally and as a huge privilege. She will live and breathe your style ideas and works relentlessly to bring them to life for you.



Yep! You heard it right…She has a phobia of holes. Some laces she can’t look at, and don’t even ask her to look at aero bubbles!


Our G, down to earth, focused on creating a calm and fun space for you to find your dress, she understands the wobbles and worries any bride has wanting to find her dress. Spend time with G and you will immediately feel safe and loved, with a decent dose of laughter and ridiculously witty renditions of experiences.


She has an irrational fear of spiders!!!

George is our go to girl for most things. A proper tough bird, except when it comes to spiders. She has been known to be “trapped” in her bedroom because a spider was on the landing.


Beautiful, kind, funny, and a laugh that you can hear from across the pennines!. Nicole is the missing link to our chain, she’s deeply passionate about offering the best experience she possibly can,  and works incredibly hard to provide it. EB is all the better for her being in it and everyone loves her. Don’t be fooled by her relaxed, quiet demeanor when you first meet her, her expertise, love and care will fill a room and put you at ease straight away, she is proof the best things come in small packages.


Nicole has got to be THE most clumsiest of all of us! Likeliest to break a glass, drop her phone, break a zip, fall up the stairs! That’s our Nic. BTW that all happened in one day, just one bloody day!