LET’s see what our girls have to say...


What do you do with 5 women who have more than the allotted story amount on instagram and no where to say it?!

“We should do a podcast” Said George about 12 months ago when we were just chatting over lunch one day. Then she kept telling me we need to do one. Forever nagging and forever right, we should, we have far too much to say!

We said, let’s try it! 5 Birds and a Mic was born.

A theme tune, intro video and a snazzy logo to make us look like we know what we were doing and we were all set. I cannot begin to tell you how many times it took me to do the first ever intro! I was a nervous wreck! Now we forget we’re being recorded and just have far too much fun to even think of it as anything other than 5 birds getting together for a catch up.

Add into the mix a very supportive producer, who is our honourary male bird (cock of the roost, if you like) Andrew, who, every now and again has his wicked way with some random images or shady comments. Here we are with a you tube channel and lots of ways to listen to us! We wanted to do something that resonates with real women, real issues and real life in and out of a bridal shop. Topics are varied, you could almost say random, ok, very random. We do drop in bridal shop bits and insider tips and what it is like to work in a bridal shop, but mostly it is us chatting, muddling through life. 5 birds, who aren’t from your normal nest, we are all happily unhinged and love laughing and working together.

Broadcast twice a week throughout lockdown, Monday and Friday.

Be prepared for some language that you wouldn’t want kids to listen to and some topics that may raise a few eyebrows, but I bet you ALL will be nodding at a lot of them in agreement.

Episode 23 | The One With All The Other Ones

Like that one Friends episode the one with all the clips The One with All the Other Ones… the Birds recall their favourite bits so far, in one of the most laugh out loud episodes yet.

Episode 22 | 18yr old advice

The birds get deep and meaningful about what they’d say to their 18yr old selves. Also, more weird crushes, Em has an epiphany about Gaston and Meg wants to get A-Lad-In (Aladdin).

Episode 21 | Bitty

Trigger warning, NSFL warning, this ep is highly inappropriate and should not be consumed by anyone you have been warned. Long story short…

I flipping love you five!

Episode 20 | Death Penalty Meg

So the corona virus started with cruises, airports, ski resorts, why does it hate middle class white people so much?

Episode 19 | Resting Rock Face

You know when you really need a wee really bad but then you fart and it gives you like an extra 5-10mins of wiggle room? I

Episode 18 | Bleached hair and hairy legs

Did you know your feet are the same length as your forearm? Meg didn’t. And did you know that ghosts are real?

Episode 17 | Agony Aunts

Like an overfamiliar aunt with substance abuse problem at Christmas the birds give horrible, R-rated advice for an hour.

behind the scenes

What they say…

“Loving the episodes , I sit crying with laughter every week. Keep them coming birds!”

behind the scenes

Episode 16 | Most Likely Too...

Most likely to be up late sunday night working on the video description because I have to entertain a 4 year old all day?

Lumberjacks spiders and death holes

The birds get the latest lumberjack update, G is mean to Meg and it’s hilarious and everyone hates spiders.

Episode 14 | Plug In Baby

This one was a public service announcement to mothers who are homeschooling your kids, stop! You’re making us look bad, we don’t want to see your soaked oats either!

Episode 13 | The Three Wishes

Inspired by the free month subscription of Disney+ (the real Robin Williams Aladdin) the birds reveal what their 3 wishes would be, hi-jinx ensue…

Another fab episode, ladies! Absolutely loving them. Meg is so funny! xxx

Episode 12 | Comments Section

Listeners mail – whether you’re team floppy thong or a full brief bird there’s something for everyone in this hilarious ep.

Episode 11 | Guilty Pleasures

Chaos ensues as the podcast is crashed by a load of kids, Dan’s a nerd, G’s a perve and Emma’s just gagging for a cigarette.

Episode 10 | Unpopular Opinions

The Birds bring us their unpopular opinions, super controversial points of view on cat-calling, Nutella, Ed Sheeran and …intimate grooming.

Episode 9 | Snog, Marry, Avoid

The birds get stuck into some juicy male celebs (for a change), G plans the first podcast wedding and magicians get some stick (wand?), again. Honestly though, this is a really good one!

Episode 8 | Come dine with the Birds

The birds tell each other their dream dinner guests, Emma goes low-brow, George goes high-brow and Emily is just plain nosey.

Episode 7 | Two truths and a lie

The birds play two truths and a lie, because they are grown-up adults, and we find out the following: which 2 birds have webbed feet, and which bird was bombed by a terrorist militant group and a former unrecognised proto-state.

I have been checking on youtube all day for episode 13. I am so excited to hear how it all went!

Episode 6 | Bananas and L**e

This was a wild one. Dan’s been spiking kids, we find out who started the hand sanitiser shortage and Emma answers the question; “how do you wee in a jumpsuit?’

Episode 5 | No Musicians, No Magicians

This ep is overshadowed by the everpresent looming monolith of G’s epic love life, Emily dates the same guy twice by accident (not for the first or last time..), and they’re all obviously obsessed with Netflix’s Tiger King.

Episode 4 | 1 in 5 is positive!

The birds are still iso’d. This episode is brought to you by midnight bloom Zaflora, trying to not get pregnant and buying a steam cleaner from Amazon because I’m an independant woman who don’t need no man to tell me what I can and can’t do LEE. But at least Emma is positive! (positively shouting way too loud..)

Episode 3 | Cover the plate

In our second lockdown episode the birds are struggling a bit; Dan is guarding her wet skirting boards armed only with chocolate buttons, G has gone full dark mode with nothing but a £30 colouring book and a greedy greek for company, and what the **** has Meg bought?!

Episode 2 | Boz eye Kev

The birds are in full lockdown mode, they have inappropriately in depth chat about underwear, and we find out their coping methods, from Dettol baths to macking on the boz-eyed postie…you gotta do what you gotta do.

Episode 1 | San pads on the sports pitch

In this inaugural episode we are introduced to the gang through a series of possibly innapropriate but definitely hilarious stories, start as we mean to go on! G drops a san pad on the pitch and Emily wees herself.