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Oh the possibilities!
Separates by Martina Liana

Separates means just that: The top and the skirt are available in separate pieces. In the 1990s, this was all the rage (think Victoria Beckham and that was the look). But things have changed a lot since then. No more pointy corsets and busting out boobs, unless that’s your thing?! It’s all about freedom to choose, be that a day and night look or for the bride who likes full control of style.

Our designer, Martina Liana, has designed this range and we thinks it’s amazing. It’s not for the bride that struggles with endless possibilities, as it will fry your brain! But if this idea excites you rather than daunts you, then it is definitely worth discussing these with your consultant.

It’s particularly brilliant for the bride who is set on one part of a dress, but wants to change the top or bottom part. These images are only the designer’s suggestions We have lost count of the possibilities and style options, here are but a few!