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Together Membership

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Time to evelate your wedding planning

While we wait for our amazing new website, we are camping here on the EB website for now, but don’t worry as soon as it is up and running all your details will be transferred across onto the new website.

Welcome to the Together Membership, an exclusive community designed to enhance every step of your wedding planning journey. Created by brides, for brides, this membership is your key to a seamless, joyful, and extraordinary wedding experience.



Discover the Ultimate Brides/couples Membership: Crafted by Experts, Driven by Passion, Designed for YOU to embrace your journey fully

Why Choose the Together Membership?

Together is more than just a membership; it’s a community of wonderful people who share your anticipation, excitement, and hope.


Together, we experience more than we ever thought possible. Together, we can change each other’s lives and make your wedding vision a reality.

Belong to Something Special

You now have somewhere to ask the questions that come up, you can ask the questions that your family can’t answer and we answer the questions you daren’t ask!!


No longer planning in the dark, we elevate every part of the experience to make it easy, fun and above all the best time of your lives.


Are you ready to see what we can experience, TOGETHER?

Building connections

What Our Members Are Saying:

“The in person event was so good!, I came away buzzing and so excited for all the planning”

“It was so lovely to chat to wedding suppliers and find out more about them, what was so refreshing is the event felt like it was for us and all the suppliers genuinely cared about us, rather than trying to book us, which what happens at wedding fairs”

“I loved every minute of it, it made me realise I am not alone and think like every other bride, so that alone is worth it”

” You get me!, I drive my fiance wild with all the worrying so rather than chew his ear off I now have somewhere to go”


Together, we create magic. Together, we plan.

Designed with passion, crafted for moments.