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To mark our special birthday year, we thought it would be the perfect time for reflection and celebration. We are going to start a ’10 things’ series, we would love for you to get involved, there’s lots of things coming up in the series that you can be a part of. A 10 year celebration party is being planned, details will be released soon and everyone will be welcome! There will be 10 blog posts, personal, in depth discussions and topics about different aspects of Emily Bridalwear, we will also be asking about your 10 ten things as well! So let’s begin…..

Chapter 1. Happy Birthday, to the one I love.
Emily Bridalwear is 10 years old. Where did that time go?

2008, the world was a different place, no Instagram, Facebook was getting there but I didn’t have a business page! A reality TV star were Big Brother contestants. Social Media and Influencers didn’t exist and Celebrity Love Island had only lasted for two seasons, axed for not being popular enough with the viewers!

I am sat here writing this blog post, a very different woman than I was 10 years ago. A woman who had plans, hopes and aspirations. Some have been exceeded, others have had to change drastically but life can’t be mapped out, if only it was that simple! I am a mother of two, a wife with 10 years of marriage under her belt, I have moved house and I am an owner of a 10 year old business! 10 YEARS! There have been times that I have felt something was sacrificed for the sake of one of the other roles I have had to play. Yet I am proud of all three of my “jobs”.

The past years haven’t been a breeze personally or professionally, It’s been bl**dy hard work. I have had to work on keeping myself together through some times that have left me feeling like I want to shut the world off. Some very sad personal moments, have left me feeling the cruel reality life can hand out. The constant that has remained throughout these 10 years that kept and keeps me going, pushing and always believing is…. Love.

Love has a way of creeping into the darkest of days, like glimmers of sunshine through a window into a gloomy room.
I am incredibly lucky to feel loved, to give love and have children and a business that craves it.
Emily Bridalwear is built upon Love.

We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for this uncontrollable, unmistakeable, wonderful thing. We are part of a moment that enables a woman to buy a piece of clothing, to express how she wants to look, when she proclaims her devotion to the love of her life. When in front of loved ones, stands and states that she will love and focus her life on one person, will fight and work with them “forsaking all others”. I find that spine tingling amazing!
To be there when a bride finds that dress, tries it on for the first time and sees herself, sees her beauty, it’s incredible. It’s often a subtle switch, that when we see it, we get chills. It’s the knowing, the mood changes, she changes, she grows, she can’t help but admire, she knows. She has found her dress. The dress that is being worn because of love.
I cannot count the amount of times I have been part of witnessing this experience, being an emotional person, it gets me every single time. It gets all of us! So it should, it needs to. I don’t think I can ever get tired of it. If I do, then I think it would be time for someone else to take over.


I am proud to say I own Emily Bridalwear, it stands for more than just a bridal shop, we EMPOWER, we SUPPORT and we LOVE. It has also done all of those things for me as well. I am forever grateful life has led me down this path. If I look back over my business plan, I have achieved so much more than I had ever imagined, but what was not in the plan nor is it really in any plan we write, is adore what you do, be fully committed and passionate, to LOVE what you are doing!

Isn’t it funny how we always plan our days and map our lives out, but we don’t ever realise or appreciate the emotions that play a key role in keeping us going , motivating us to push forward. How they can bubble away, shout at you or creep up on you when you least expect it. If you don’t love what you do, it is harder to get out of bed. The moments that are memories to keep and treasure always involve emotions and more specifically, LOVE.
I didn’t grow up knowing I wanted to run a bridal shop, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I fell into jobs and didn’t feel inspired or passionate, I didn’t LOVE it. I was flat, sad and unfulfilled, the sadness was creeping into other parts of my life. So I made a change, I found inspiration and took time out to develop and plan. I decided to start a business, create something. To create something to LOVE.

I created Emily Bridalwear.

I can honestly say I now love what I do, I am incredibly lucky to say that. The business has saved me in more ways than I think I could list. It has also enabled me to have my children and bring them up, to be a mother who they see as busy, but happy and present. They see a woman working hard, but passionate. They see a woman who can be at home with them (then work late at night to get things done!)
I look at myself and I see a woman who has (many things I would like to change) got quite a lot of things to LOVE. I am in LOVE with the life I have created.

Happy Birthday Emily Bridalwear. May you always generate LOVE, celebrate it and inspire me to give it to those around me every single day.

I hope you are in love with the life you have created for yourself. I truly hope happiness is filling your life to the max. If not maybe this little post may inspire you.
Lots of Love
Em xx

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Photo Credits: Jo & Simon Shoot Photography