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Ready to wear Sale Event
28th December


I must admit I do love a bargain, something that you almost feel you need to run out of the shop with as it felt like it was too cheap!? Or is that just me?

I often find sales can feel a bit of a let down as they don’t always have an amazing offer anymore. This is where this event is DIFFERENT.

Some dresses have over 70% off their retail price.

With an EXTRA £150 off the event only!

What makes me weep into my mulled wine is that we have to continuously buy new samples, it is fun, but the penny pincher in me, says; “more dresses? but we have 150 in the shop!” We have to purchase everyone. Some of these darlings don’t always hit the mark with our brides. There are many reasons why we “Sample a dress off” and move it to our ready to wear collection. Sometimes I just buy too many and they need to go, sometimes a newer style is coming in to replace the past seasons style so 2018 has to go as younger 2019 is coming in.

Whatever reason that they have moved into the ready to wear collection, they all need to find an owner, as the current owner is being told off for having far too many dresses and no space to put them anywhere.

So, if you are wanting a dress at an insane price then head down to our SALE EVENT.

All designers have styles in our event. All are £1100 or below. Most are around £900. With the extra £150 that is an amazing price!

There is a Martina Liana dress in there that will be available for under £1000 that retailed at nearly £2500!

See we aren’t talking about little discounts, these are serious SAVINGS!

Our ready to wear collection is being updated as we speak so you can browse them all soon.


In the meantime if you are a bride wanting a dress, wants the experience of Choosing your dress with us but loves a bargain then BOOK NOW!!


Below are some styles available at the event.