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We love the way a dress makes youFeel when you wear it.

We love to work with designers who are ‘us.’ And that’s why we’re brand partners with each one we carry. We trust their reliability, consistency and strength within the industry and believe in their brand as much as our own.

Not everyone cries in a ballgown. Some weep in the cleanest of cuts and simplest of statements. Some find exactly what they had pictured, others have to throw caution to the wind and try the wildcard on. That’s why we don’t just have one style or look, but when you know, you know. Just go with it and see which one steals your heart.

29th September – 1st October

Milla Nova take-0ver weekend. Your chance to see and try on some 2024 from the Stars in White collection PLUS the new Calypso collection from their diffusion line.


When you love a label, and just know that these are your type of dresses there is nothing better than exploring their entire range. It allows you to really know exactly which dress is for you. To try on similar aesthetics of a design with detail changes that may feel more you.

A chance to try a dress that normally isn’t available.

A chance to check if there is anything else you like before saying yes to another favourite Emily bridalwear dress

A chance to try on Milla Nova dresses, because let’s face it, what more reasons do you need. It’s bloody MILLA NOVA!

To celebrate with us that Milla Nova is coming to Emily Bridalwear, with special goodies and offers available for the weekend.

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