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Love: \luv\  n. pl. loves

An intense feeling of positive emotion toward, or enjoyment of, a person: strong romantic feelings between people: strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties.



Love by definition is intense. For everyone it has power over us in such a way that it can make us better, more happier people.  When you feel it so deeply, it has to be set free, you want to shout from the rooftops,


My son, Albert, will often reply to my declaration of love towards him, with a loud, “I love you 23” to which I then have to match the amount or raise it. I am not sure it is possible to love something more than I do that little boy, then he does something, that makes my soul sing and I find a little bit more to squeeze out for him. I want my son to grow up a man able to express how he feels.  Everyday he will kiss and cuddle his little sister and tell her that he loves her, without prompting. He makes her feel loved.

To show love is important

To be told you are loved is lovely, to FEEL loved is magical. That warm feeling and knowing, is for me, very important. I am always telling those around me I love them, because I do and I want them to know and feel loved. Love can be endless, it should be given freely and without limits. When it is nurtured and cherished love can be enlightening and empowering.

Today’s post is about finding out about our own  Love Stories. How we fell in love with our Partner. How we knew we were loved. We all have a story and a moment when we realised we loved them.

I will begin with mine,

My Love Story.

I didn’t think I would like Tim when I met him, let alone love him. I actually thought he was a bit odd and not my type of person. Fast forward a few months, a Thursday night before Easter Bank holiday and something just clicked. We flirted, we connected in a different way, chatting endlessly about anything and everything and I felt an intense need to be next to him. We talked non stop, no easy task when the location was The Leadmill!. As I left for a weekend away we promised to meet up when I got home.

The following Monday, we reconnected. Like Magnets, I felt a belonging, it was strange, I hadn’t experienced anything like it before. I rang my mum the very next day and told her that Tim was the man I was going to marry. My love for Tim was immediate, intense and felt uncontrollable. We fell head over heels in love. Much to everyone’s shock, as we were acquaintances for months beforehand.  I felt as though my heart had been waiting for him and as soon as he came into my world it exploded. It may sound ridiculous and it does to me now, I remember listening to songs and thinking, “yes!” now I understand what those lyrics mean. Life seemed better and brighter, I felt probably the only time in my life that I belonged somewhere, I had a purpose, to Love Tim. He moved in the following week, Everyone thought it was too soon, no one understood it, yet we knew it was right. We married 2 years later and have been married for 10 years, 1 month and 18 days. I think maybe now everyone knows it was right!

I still love him in the same way. I still have my crazy magnetic need to be next to him. But I am used to the feeling now. At times it can overwhelm me and I need to just stand or sit next to him for a bit.  He is the calm to my chaotic, the mellow to my madness, he is my LOVE STORY, My Happy Ever After.

love story emily and tim


Would you like to tell your Love Story?

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Em x