LET’s see what our girls have to say...


Anyone that walks into our shop would not think that we need anymore wedding dress designers let alone have space for them!

However when you get asked to stock a label that was the fastest growing collection globally for a well respected bridal company, it means we have to take a look.

Buying season for bridal this year has been a little different. Normally it involves a trip to London, a little bit of drinking, ok a lot of (ahem) socialising! With fashion shows, industry seminars and general chats with other shops we know from across the UK.

Without all of this it has felt a little flat and I have really struggled to buy dresses without seeing them in person, we have been more cautious and much more strict. I mean how can you tell the detail of a layered dress by an image. How can you tell how it sparkles when it moves on a static image.

So when we were approached to stock this new collection, my immediate thought was no way, we can’t go blindly choosing styles we have no idea about without seeing them.

Then I saw them, I was blown away!

It also helps we have worked with the company for years now. The company, Justin Alexander is a well loved label and company here at Emily Bridalwear. So we knew the customer service was going to be good, but my word, I hadn’t anticipated to love the dresses as much as I did.

When I first saw the dresses I had over 20 on my like/love list. Then the girls sent me their lists and we had a problem!

Not just how are we going to choose the right ones, where are they going to go!

Making space for these dresses means something else will be released soon ( don’t tell anyone I told you, but a special sale will be launching soon, but shhh, remember you don’t know about that! )

We are making room, the girls messaged me within minutes of seeing them, telling me we have to get them!

Even George who has a phobia for having a lack of space had a list longer than mine!

So we have slimmed our list down to a capsule collection of a few past favourites, some autumn winter 2020 styles as well as some spring 2021 looks.

With dresses dropping throughout the summer and into Autumn, we cannot wait to start styling them for our brides.

Ladies and erm, Ladies, I introduce you to Lillian West.

Our brand new boho relaxed style wedding dresses. Are a new direction for our offerings. In line with our amazing All who wander directional boho label. The Lillian West dresses bring to Emily Bridalwear a selection dresses with a softer fit and much more relaxed styling.

These are perfect for the bride who wants to feel much less structure in their wedding dress, wants to still feel like she is a wearing a wedding dress but isn’t fitting the standard format of what a wedding dress looks like.

Perfectly positioned price range of £1200 – £1890, without sacrificing quality at all.

I am sure brides are going to love them as much we do !