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It’s not everyday you plan a wedding and prepare to start looking for your wedding dress. We understand that most brides have never stepped foot inside a bridal shop, let alone know how or what will happen during the appointment.

If you would like to know more about how an appointment and a usual journey through finding, buying and wearing looks like see our journey page.

For more specific details about getting to your appointment, parking and what to expect from us please see our Appointment Page.

If you have a question that isn’t on here, please use the form below and we will answer you as soon as we can.


When should I start shopping for my dress?

Ever been shopping with no money or at the wrong time and then when you have to find something, you can’t? Although not exactly the same, the idea remains identical. Unless you are prepared to find your dress, then actually trying on dresses can be a confusing and sometimes futile exercise.

We find brides who have a few key items planned are more prepared and find the whole situation less daunting. These are your wedding date booked and the venue and ideally a preferred price point for us to work with. A Christmas wedding in a castle will almost always result in a different dress to a wedding in Cyprus in August.

A general rule is about 18months up to 9 months before the wedding is perfect. There are of course exceptions and we often have brides who choose her dress 2 years before and even 3 months before. If you are unsure just contact us and we can discuss your situation and timescale.

Do I have to book an appointment?

Yes please. A planned day out trying on wedding dresses with your loved ones, who have often travelled or cleared their diary for the day, only to be told we can’t see you is the sole reason we always advise booking an appointment. Even through the week we can be fully booked and unable to accommodate walk ins.

Do I need to bring anything?

Not really. We are always asked this, and we often say an open mind. Honestly it helps sometimes! Wear what you feel comfortable in. You will be spending a large amount of your time with us in your underwear. Although it isn’t in our job description, it is part of our working day, so we aren’t going to screech at your M&S undies. “Hold you” in pants and strapless bras are not something we expect you to wear unless you want to.

How many people can I bring?

Ideally a maximum of 4. Always bring the people you need with you to help you choose your dress. Think carefully about rearranging should one not be there. Trying on the one for the first time, is a wonderful experience and a moment that cannot be replicated again. If you feel you need more than the suggested number please contact us to confirm so that we can try and accommodate everyone. We will always do our best to accommodate your requests. We aren't in the business of saying no! PLEASE NOTE we cannot always accommodate large groups on a Saturday.

Are photographs allowed?

YES ! We are plugged in. We offer Wifi access and have specific hashtags for you to use. In the world of instagram and facebook, it is impossible to ignore the need for photos, we live in a photo focused world. So document your experience with us however you wish. We will always take pictures for you of your bridal party and your moments, but we will NEVER take a picture of you in your dress. That is completely up to you. Some brides need the picture to remember others find it ruins the memory of the feeling, as they begin to scrutinise themselves rather than remember how they felt.

How much are your dresses?

Our dresses vary across collections, with the price point ranging between £950 – £2700. We do have sample dresses that are priced lower than this. Should you wish to discuss your price point in more detail before you book an appointment, please contact us.

Do you offer Alterations?

We have provide an "In House Alterations Service".
All alterations carried out are additional.
We have three highly skilled seamstresses. Much like ourselves they are perfectionists and likes to see the dresses leave us well fitted and comfortable. Unlike some shops we are still involved throughout the process, you will come to the shop for your appointments and are guided throughout the process. PLEASE NOTE – this is a highly technical and complex service, that when done correctly looks as though it has never been altered. For such an impeccable finish you can expect to usually pay between £200 - £300 for a full alteration package.

Can you make changes to your dresses?

You’ve come to the right place! We specialise in bespoke changes, little matching straps, tops, belts. We will always advise you and help you with all the options available. Our designers are chosen for their flexibility. We also have two extremely talented seamstresses, along with pattern cutters and design experience, if it's possible we can do it!

Do you store the dress for me before the wedding?

Yes. We offer an in house storage option. There is a one off fee for taking advantage of this facility of £49, the dress will also remain insured under our policy.

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From our Brides..

Experiences of our Appointments

I came here on Saturday to try on dresses. It was the first proper bridal shop I had been to so I was nervous, but we were welcomed in by a lovely lady who offered us drinks and said to have a browse at the dresses. All the dresses were amazing and nothing like I’d seen before, really good quality too. Meg was so lovely and helpful towards me. She helped me chose some dresses, asking me about my wedding and style so she could get a better feel for what I may like. She helped me try them and was so patient with me. She was really knowledgable and passionate and made me feel at ease. I found an amazing dress and I am so so happy I didn’t go anywhere else and chose this shop! Thank you to everyone x

- Emma April 2018

I came with my mum and sister to try on dresses. As soon as we arrived the shop gave us really good vibes, it's just a gorgeous shop and the dresses are absolutely beautiful and really well priced.

Laura helped me with choosing dresses and getting dressed and I loved having her to help. She was really friendly and kind and we all just loved her!

I've found my dress and got some ideas for accessories etc and also a voucher for a florists so I'm chuffed to bits.

I can't wait to come back for my fitting in a few weeks!

- Nosheen April 2018

Loved the whole experience and said yes to the dress yesterday! The customer service is great and Meg was really supportive in helping me pick the right dress for me! She helped me eliminate the dresses I didn’t like and picked one with all the things I liked. I was even given an Easter egg and a little bottle of prosecco because I bought my dress this weekend. I would definitely recommend Emily Bridal. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!

- Tammy March 2018

Emma from Emily bridal is an expert at her job, Emma asked me exactly what I wanted and from just that she new, the dress I said yes to was the one choose out for me, through telling Emma what I wanted i tried the I said yes to on first and every other dress I tried after didn't compare, ( although all the dresses are amazing here).

Supplied with prossecco and a beautiful room for my bridal party, from start to finish the experience was magical and made so special by Emma! So thank you so so much I Can't wait to see my dress again

I'd also been to around 8/10 other wedding dress shops and not one could compare to the high quality service and how welcoming they where I'd never been offered a drink or even asked what dress I was looking for, I'd been left to my own devices at all the other shops I'd been before I found this little gem so a massive thankyou, I was thinking I'd never find the one and I did so a massive thankyou to Emma

- Michaela Oct 2017

This is the ultimate bridal shop!!!! The decor the staff the dresses and accessories are just amazingly gorgeous. Very comforting and knowledgeable staff. I’ve found my dress and I’m so pleased and excited to be an Emily Bridalwear Bride

- Zoe Nov 2017

I've not even had my appointment at Emily's yet but the service, help and advice that I've been given so far has been outstanding and has been above and beyond anything I could have expected. I can't wait to come and try on and meet these wonderful ladies in person! I'm so excited and hope my dream dress will be here

- Adele April 2017