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Essense of Australia Preview Weekend 10-12th May

We cannot wait for this event. It is always a popular and amazing weekend!

We are one of a handful of shops in the UK to be able to show our lucky brides a preview of the new 2020 styles from Essense of Australia.

Held on 10th, 11th & 12th May. We get to show you new designs  not released to other stores until Nov/Dec 2019. You get to see dresses months in advance of anywhere else.

Some of these dresses may never be seen again, they can get ‘cut’ from the collection!

The BEST part is, you can CHOOSE ANY of these styles for your wedding dress, months ahead of anyone else. If a dress doesn’t make the collection you will get a BESPOKE dress all to yourself!

Past brides have had dresses that are bespoke or different to the final design. Often at a reduced price and with more detail or more drama! HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!!!?


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WHY are you holding a preview event?

All these styles are BRAND NEW, prototypes, new designs. These designs are being tested and tried on real brides to see what works and what doesn’t work.  A representative from Essense will be on hand to offer advice and gather feedback to report to head designer Martine Harris. She believes to make a collection work, she needs to find out what real brides think! This is where you come in. You get to try them on and feedback what you think of their brand new collection.


What makes this event DIFFERENT to a normal trunk show weekend?

They aren’t available anywhere in the world to buy yet!! THEY ARE TOP SECRET STYLES!!

You will have at least 25 more styles to choose from. Brand new styles that will never have been seen before and some may never be seen again.  A normal “trunk show” sends the current collections styles (sometimes not always the full set). Which travels the country, they are CURRENT styles, all released and all readily available. So if you love the idea of being ahead of the game then get yourself booked in!


Will I NEED to make a decision when I attend?

We always advise that an event like this is attended by brides who are confident that should they find their dress they are ready to “SAY YES”. We always say bring those you want with you to share that incredible moment. This isn’t because we want to force you to make a decision it’s because the collection is in production stage, so if the designers receive feedback or have made a design change, the dress can be cut after the feedback we provide, so we can only order the dresses that weekend ONLY.

As a thank you for taking part special offers and prizes for all brides who purchase, there will be over £250 worth of special offers and discounts available.  PLUS Who doesn’t love the idea of being involved in shaping an award winning designers collection!!