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It’s BACK!!!

Essense of Australia is coming to


The Hugely successful Essense Preview designs event is returning!

We are beyond thrilled to be asked to host this incredibly exciting event.

After a 2 year break due to you know what, the Essense team are coming back to Emily bridalwer in Sheffield and bringing us some brand new EXCLUSIVE dresses for us to trial!

The global debut of the proposed 2023 collection is coming! 22nd -23rd April

Imagine being able to try on a dress that has only just been designed, that no one else has ever seen or will see for months!

Imagine being part of deciding whether that dress makes the final cut!

Imagine also being able to CHOOSE one of these dresses for yourself!

For me it is the dream, See into the future, see what styles are out there, and even choose one of them and wear it before anyone else has ever seen it!



For over 8 years we have worked closely with Essense. We love working with our labels to help shape collections and get exactly what our brides are needing from the new collection. So whenever we are asked for feedback on designs that are needed, styles we are looking for, details that we have a craving for you know we love to provide it!

It felt a natural progression to be one of the stores Essense works with to gather UK feedback for the designers to make decisions on what dresses will make a collection.

Fast forward a few years and we’re now regular hosts for this event. We are continuously blown away with the designs and to see them before anyone else is a privilege. The fact we get to share that with some exceptionally lucky brides is even more amazing.


If you are like me and love Essense and Love the idea of trying on brand new designs. If you are READY to fall head over heels in love to a dress…..

Then this is your formal invitation to attend this event.

There is so much to gain from attending this type of event.

Over 20 extra wedding dress styles.

An exclusive global preview into what the new styles look like to know that you are not going to worry about anything else coming out that you prefer more.

A chance to wear something for your wedding that NO-ONE else will have seen yet, or even more exciting, maybe will NEVER see.

Some of these dresses based on the feedback we provide won’t make it to the final collection and get produced. That’s right YOU could be wearing an exclusive couture gown, made only for you! Don’t you love that idea! Each time we have hosted this event, at least one bride has chosen a one-off dress.. How cool is that! Could that be you this time around?


It runs the same as any normal appointment, you will be able to try on other dresses from other designers to compare. At no point are you EXPECTED to choose an Essense dress, but we will be focusing on these styles.

This is a buying event, and past brides who have attended these events have all been ready to buy and DO buy a dress at their appointment

If you answer YES to the following, then get yourself booked in.

If you want to attend then please make sure that ….

  • You are ready to order your dress on the day of your appointment.
  • There is nothing stopping you from ordering and missing out on the dresses from the weekend.
  • You love Essense of Australia and know these are the designs for you
  • You love trying on the newest designs
  • You have a high street size under 14 (sadly these dresses are prototypes so are made smaller than our preferred general sizing)
  • You love the idea of offering suggestions of things you love and don’t quite love about a dress
  • You know you want to be an Emily Bride and be involved in something extra special
  • You love the idea of getting something no one else will wear
  • You love the idea of wearing something before anyone else
  • You want to receive one of our goody bags filled with special offers and treats worth up to £200
  • You love the idea of surprises and little gifts, one is so special I could almost burst with excitement, but I don’t want to spoil it for you! – I will reveal it closer to the time!

If these are Yes, yes, yes I am coming! then book your appointment through our online system

We cannot wait and hope you feel the same.

Book your appointment


Make sure to choose “Essense Preview 22nd -24th April “!

Please note the dresses will be here from for this weekend ONLY

Even if you secure a space for another date with the trunk show appointment type, the dresses will not be there!

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