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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Essence preview weekend! We are so honoured that we are only one of a handful of shops chosen by Essence of Australia for these exclusive events.

What is an Essence preview event?

Well if you suffer from serious FOMO, love Essence and want to see next season’s styles before anyone else then this is the weekend you need to buy your dress!

The dresses won’t hit the shops until July 2020 at the very earliest, and they may not come into stores exactly as you see them. These events are invaluable to Essence of Australia, who use your feedback to decide if a dress even makes it into the collection.

All of the dresses in this event are BRAND NEW and NEVER SEEN before styles. You will be the FIRST bride to wear one of these designs, six months before anyone else.

How do you get an exclusive dress?

So, if that has got you excited, you are already in love with Essense, and you are happy trying on some dresses (let’s face it who wouldn’t be!) then book your place today.

Find your dream dress
Be part of something special

Dresses can cancel at ANY stage

These dresses are still in the design stage. This means at any point a design can alter or be pulled completely.

If you choose one of these dresses, you will get a bespoke style.

All orders placed at the weekend will be honoured, regardless of it making the collection or not. How exciting!

Martine Harris (owner of Essense and lead designer) has confirmed she will make the dress!

This is (I can’t count now!) our 6th preview event and there is always one bride that ends up with a bespoke style!

Could you be that bride on the 23rd November!??

Get ready to say YES

Would you like to be part of helping to shape a designers future collections? Fancy seeing what is coming out before you choose your dress?

This is a buying event.

You need to be ready or prepared to find and order your dress.

Remember to let who is coming with you this will be happening!