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Designing a wedding dress
The Essense of Australia way

A dress is an evolution of design.

Do you know how long dresses take from concept to production?

It can take months for just one dress to be passed through and makes it into the collection.

Martine Harris, who is the lead designer of Essense of Australia and Martina Liana and her team begin the creative journey with a concept trip to somewhere she loves for inspiration.

Comparing this to trend forecasts and the demand for certain styles from past collections decisions on styles start to form.

Then the sketches begin, they are reviewed and the bones of a dress are created.

Now comes the hand placement of lace and details.

At this point the designers then review if it all works, taking hours to just place pieces of lace to then re place it.

2810 Essense of Australia at Emily Bridalwear in Sheffield 2

Once they are happy a sample is then made and they look to test it and see how it looks on real bodies.


We are integral to the design stage, we test these dresses to see if they work, if the lace placement works, if the layering is right, the neckline sits correctly. Everything is reviewed.

It is a huge honour to be able to help such a fantastic brand create outstanding dresses each season.

We are so excited to be able to allow a select few brides to be able to help us review these styles. All these brides, will be able to try these on and view them for their own wedding dress.

If any of our brides fall in love with one of these dresses Martine has agreed she will make the dress ahead of its release and even if they choose not to produce it they will still honour the order.

This means one of our brides will get a brand new dress, isn’t that incredible!

2835 essense of Australia available at emily Bridalwear

Once we have tested these dresses, we feedback to the designers, who with this knowledge will decide one of 3 things, it gets made as it is, it is altered, it will be pulled from the production and not taken further. All of this is based on the extremely valuable feedback we provide

Would you like to be a part of this?