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The What If’s and the Worry

I don’t think any of us thought we would be planning a wedding during a pandemic. Nor did they want to quite frankly.  I wonder anyone watching last year unfold probably sat there relieved theirs was 2021/2022 as “things will be find by then” now look at us, crying into a blank wedding planner and no tastings booked for the quite frankly one of the highlights of any plan, tasting food!

Yet here we are, slap bang in the depths of a lockdown and nowhere to go. Yet the wedding is still sitting there in the diary.  Taunting you with it’s what ifs, it’s daydreams of how it could/should look and all the wonderful things to prepare for it.  Today I want to talk about a way to not be so fearful and not as lost with the worry.

This is a collection of messages/advice from brides and my own observations and two pence, ok 20 quids worth thrown in.

“Stay away from the, ‘shall I cancel’ posts” “Ignore the negative nancies” “keep pushing forward, it is worth it in the end”


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Real Bride emily bridalwear

Lockdown wedding planning

Planning a wedding, oh the ideas, the excitement, the pinterest boards and the endless lists, the budget discussions and then the “reality” of how much everything costs, and the REAL budget talk happens.

The browsing of places, booking appointments and endless daydreams about what it will look like. The awkward talks about inviting mental Auntie Doris, who has never met your fiancé and you haven’t seen since you were 12. But Auntie Silvia demands it as she and Doris talk all the time, so you must invite her. Then there is the friend, let’s call her Sally. She has just met Gareth on tinder and is asking if she will get a plus one as Gareth seems like a keeper.  All the “normal stresses” Seem ideal now don’t they! Balls deep in a year long pandemic that has hit the wedding industry right between the eyes and sent it into a coma has meant planning has been proving difficult.


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