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Defining design trends for 2020 wedding dresses from Blue by Enzoani
7 key design details

The blue by Enzoani collection, wowed us when we first saw them earlier this year.

There were some key style trends emerging from the whole collection, yet still the iconic looks we rely on from their wedding dresses.

Also, for all you Lesley fans, the lace is BACK, that botanical leaf lace is back on a couple more styles, and they are INCREDIBLE!

So here are our 7 Key styles from the 2020 Blue by Enzoani wedding dresses.

milan close up image of lace blue by enzoani at Emily bridalwear
Key Trend 1 Lace

The botanical and striking linear laces for the 2020 collection, are mostly appliques, carefully designed to be placed perfectly to accentuate the brides body and flatter the figure. With the Lesley botanical lace on both Milan and Marie I am sure you will agree, Blue's laces are stunning.

A dress that defines this trend yet still keeping the Blue by Enzoani Aesthetic is Milan. She is a strapless, beauty. With Lesley botanical lace adorned across the bodice and onto the train. Her unlined and visible boning make this a modern take on a strapless dress.

We currently have Milan in a size 14 unlined in Ivory/Nude ready and waiting to be tried on.

matilda dress blue by enzoani wedding dress emily bridalwear
Key trend 2 Necklines

The striking plunging necklines still remain prominant throughout the collection, yet what has made a lovely comeback is the high neck. Not to cover up, but to show MORE off! These offer more daring backs, more lace to show off and more detail. Think more racer neckline and illusion than boatneck!

A lovely example of the High neck trend in the Blue by Enzoani collection is Matilada. Matilda will be coming to our store for the Blue by Enzoani designer weekend on the 2nd November.

Mai Blue by Enzoani wedding dress at Emily Bridalwear front
Key Trend 3 Detachable Skirts!

Think Drama, think two dresses in one OR one dress and one jumpsuit! Yep There is a wedding dress that is actually a jumpsuit!

This trend is really catching on now, with our Mai being a popular dress for brides looking to try on this look.

It usually involves a shorter train dress with an overskirt that attaches around the waist that is removed to reveal a sleeker fitted style underneath.

Mai is currently available in Ivory Sand in a size 14 Unlined. We are waiting for our all ivory version in a size 18.

Micha Blue by Enzoani wedding dress at Emily Bridalwear front
Key Trend 4 Illusion tulle

Like or loathe it Illusion tulle is here to stay. A prominent design feature of many Blue by Enzoani designs past and present. It's uses are varied, creating negative space for tops to define lace details, to give the illusion of tatooed lace onto areas of a dress, or to offer support for tops that need it without adding bulk of thicker fabrics.

This collection sees Illusion tulle adding features to make delicate necklines and straps that otherwise wouldnt be possible or would look fuller.

Take Micha for example, she is coming for our designer event, her elegant cap sleeves, would be a nightmare to keep secure, yet with illusion tulle they are fitted and staying put!

Key Trend 5 Trains

We can all agree a good train adds wow factor, it adds the neccessary impact a dress needs. Blue by Enzoani have done it very well this year. Really upping the anti with their trains, detailed and sparkly.

From varying degrees of drama, the trains have been extended, detail added and lace adorned. There is a train for everyone in this selection.

Martha is the perfect example of a train adding drama and WOW. Don't worry we will add a bustle in the evening so you can dance without tripping over all that stunning lace and tulle.

Marla Blue by Enzoani wedding dress at Emily Bridalwear front
Key Trend 6 Simple and Sophisticated

With all that lace, seeing a simple dress with less detail is a welcome sight. Although sometimes they can lack a certain bit of drama, so often they can be a bit underwhelming, when you've been assaulted with lace constantly!

Yet Blue have really excelled themselves this year with their simple understated options. Adding Mikado, Crepe and chiffon into the options. They have designed a simple style for every shape this time, so there isnt a need to ever say I need more detail to look better. With these dresses, less is definitely more!

Marla, is our ultimate clean line goddess. Pleating mikado magic and a detachable bow and train make this our ultimate simple sophisticated dress. Available to try on now in Ivory size 14.

Mareena no straps Blue by Enzoani wedding dress at Emily Bridalwear front
Key Trend 7 Colour

We find many brides steer clear of colour for fear it doesn't work on their skin tone. Requesting IVORY ONLY. Yet trust us, colour works! Granted it isn't for everyone. The thought of a beige wedding dress doesn't seem very appealing, but believe me, it works!

Colour makes lace pop, sparkle shine and really really flatters many skin tones. So don't shy away from beige, try it. Remember, every dress always has an IVORY as standard option.

Our Mareena is the perfect example of how a deep nude lining really highlights the lace.