We are everything Emily Bridalwear stands for
We are nothing without each other


We are women, with different personalities and backgrounds.  Bringing our own strengths and past experiences to the team. We feel completely accepted and at ease with each other. We have created this working environment of confidence and support so that we as a team can apply this to our brides.



“When you feel confident and free to be you. Accepted and encouraged by those around you, it is an incredibly powerful thing”
Emily, Founder of Emily Bridalwear

Step into our world and become part of the Family


The time with our brides, creating happiness is what drives me to always keep pushing our business forward, always looking at ways to improve.

I love that smile, that look a bride makes when she loves the dress she is trying on. The look of acceptance, of herself. It makes me tingle just thinking about it. If only I could bottle that moment and give it to her for days when she lacks confidence.

For me, It's the simple things that will keep me happy. Love, food and warmth. I am loyal, stubbornly loyal and ridiculously competitive. I struggle to let my 4 year old win sometimes!. I love without limits and will not give up on my people easily. I am at my happiest in 3 scenarios having a full on day at the shop with all the girls. Family days or on the Netball court. Whenever I say I play netball people always say, "I bet you're a Goal Attack", which I am. So maybe I should have started with that, as apparently it says it all about me!

the team at Emily Bridalwear

I have first hand experience of our services as I was an Emily Bride before I joined the team. I thought all shops were the same until I came to Emily Bridalwear. I was so wrong. I was accepted for me, listened to and not judged. I loved everything about the place. So being part of the team and making brides feel like I did is amazing.

I work part time now as I have another job, being a mum to my 1 year old Jesse. It's definitely different now that I am a mum. My body certain feels different and I can relate so much more with brides who are mums now. For me I work with my best friends and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

My advice to any bride is....Only you know when your dress is the one. Go with your gut, be confident, be brave and let yourself go for what fees right for you.

the team at Emily Bridalwear

I love working with brides to find their look, getting the image in a brides mind onto their body is what we do everyday. What we help brides realise is that image isn't necessarily a set style, its the overall feeling or impression she is wanting to portray. That's where we come in.

I am 5'1", (never forget the 1!) a whole 9" shorter than Emma. I try not to stand next to her! I adore fashion and love fabrics and textiles. I studied textiles and fashion in London and regularly sit on a train for hours on end to see my boyfriend. He's worth it though!

I chose to move back to Sheffield to be near my family and to start my career at Emily bridal wear. I am really close to my sister who has two boys, Rudi and Jesse. They are my other two obsessions, which I am not ashamed to admit I would squeeze and hug all day if I could.

the team at Emily Bridalwear

I am a firm believer in do what makes YOU happy. If something feels right then do it. Trust your gut feeling , never second guess yourself.

I have spent a long time travelling with Rob's (my husband) job. We have a little 3 year old whirlwind, Oskar. Both those boys are my world. We moved back to Sheffield a couple of years ago. When I applied to join Emily Bridalwear, I needed to do something that was for me. I wanted a challenge, be valued and to enjoy what I was doing. Becky my sister got her dress through Emily, so I knew what the shop stood for and what the service was like. When I saw the vacancy I immediately applied, I thought I had messed up the interview as I made a joke that I thought was innapropriate for an interview. It turns out, Emily Loved it!

I love that I am accepted for me, for who I am. Working at Emily Bridalwear isn't a job, it's my passion, my time to be me. To help others be themselves. It is honestly the best thing in the world.