When should I start shopping for my dress?

Ever been shopping with no money or at the wrong time and then when you have to find something, you can’t? Although not exactly the same, the idea remains identical. Unless you are prepared to find your dress, then actually trying on dresses can be a confusing and sometimes futile exercise.

We find brides who have a few key items planned are more prepared and find the whole situation less daunting.  These are your wedding date booked and the venue and ideally a preferred price point for us to work with. A Christmas wedding in a castle will almost always result in a different dress to a wedding in Cyprus in August.

A general rule is about 18months up to 9 months before the wedding is perfect. There are of course exceptions and we often have brides who choose her dress 2 years before and even 3 months before. If you are unsure just contact us and we can discuss your situation and timescale.

Do I have to book an appointment?

Yes please. A planned day out trying on wedding dresses with your loved ones, who have often travelled or cleared their diary for the day, only to be told we can’t see you is the sole reason we always advise booking an appointment. Even through the week we can be fully booked and unable to accommodate walk ins.

Do I need to bring anything?

Not really. We are always asked this, and we often say an open mind. Honestly it helps sometimes!  Wear what you feel comfortable in. You will be spending a large amount of your time with us in your underwear. Although it isn’t in our job description, it is part of our working day, so we aren’t going to screech at your M&S undies. “Hold you” in pants and strapless bras are not something we expect you to wear unless you want to.

How many people can I bring?

4 people maximum please. Always bring the people you need with you to help you choose your dress. Think carefully about rearranging should one not be there. Trying on the one for the first time, is a wonderful experience and a moment that cannot be replicated again. If you feel you need more than the suggested number please contact us to confirm so that we can try and accommodate everyone. PLEASE NOTE we cannot always accommodate large groups on a Saturday.

Are photographs allowed?

Short answer No. In the age of selfies, it is an issue that we understand is an awkward subject. Some shops do, others don’t. So you sneak a picture when they aren’t looking. All we say is how many pictures do you take before you are happy? For me it’s never, so I wouldn’t want the most important dress I’m going to be wearing to be snapped at the wrong angle and not making me look the most attractive. Our designers take a stronger viewpoint than we do and are fiercely protective of their images and their labels. So much so that they prevent us from allowing photographs.

How much are your dresses?

Our dresses vary across collections, with the price point ranging between £750 – £2700. We do have sample dresses that are priced lower than this. Should you wish to discuss your price point in more detail before you book an appointment, please contact us.

Do you offer Alterations?

Yes, carried out in house. Our skilled seamstress, works exclusively for Emily Bridalwear. Much like ourselves she is a perfectionist and likes to see the dresses leave us well fitted and comfortable.  Unlike some shops we are still involved throughout the process, you will come to the shop for your appointments and are guided throughout the process. PLEASE NOTE – Alterations are an additional cost, this is a skilled service, carried out by a time served, trained seamstress.

Can you make changes to your dresses?

You’ve come to the right place! We specialise in bespoke changes, little matching straps, tops, belts. We will always advise you and help you with all the options available. Our designers are chosen for their flexibility.

Do you store the dress for me before the wedding?

Yes. We offer an in house storage option. There is a one off fee for taking advantage of this  facility, the dress will also remain insured under our policy.