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Would you like to choose a dress that has never been seen before?

Would you like to look into the future and see what styles are going to be released?

YES?…. Then this is the event for you!

We are honoured to be only a handful of shops in the UK to host this event. This isn’t an ordinary designer event, these dresses are BRAND NEW DESIGNS. Just off the design board and haven’t been shown, or made before for anyone, let alone seen by anyone else.

Essense of Australia, as a company and a design powerhouse, believe brides know best. Our Brides in particular know what dresses they want to see. Therefore every dress, before it is signed off to go into the collection is tried on a real body, a real bride and critiqued and compared to other styles. Based on these reviews they can get made, cut from the collection or changed in some way. You get to be a designer for the day! How amazing is that!


Every bride who attends this preview event has the opportunity to choose one of the preview dresses. You get to see the future and wear it!!  What’s even more AMAZING is that some of these dresses may not even make the collection, or changed. Except you will get that exact dress. You could be getting a one off dress, a bepoke style made just for you!

If that isn’t enough to make you book in now, we are also offering special offers, accessory vouchers and little surprises for all our brides. There is over £250 worth of goodies for our lucky lucky ladies!

Be a designer for the day!

We would love for you to be a part of this event, a couple of things…..

You are getting married 1st May 2019 onwards. Ideally you have already tried on these designers and know they are the styles for you. Alternatively you’ve seen them and love the look of them. Prepared to find and order your dress at the event.

These dresses can range from £1250 to £1800 for Essense. We would ask that you are happy with this pricepoint.

All orders will need to be placed on the weekend, feedback across the event will result in automatic withdrawal of some styles, so bring who you need with you when choosing your dress!

We want you to have fun and enjoy this really exciting weekend. Please contact us if there is anything you need us to do in order for it to be extra special for you.


If there is something else you want to know or want to book your space with us, please contact us below.


We very much look forward to seeing you then!

What Brides say

About the event

I came the Essense event not really believing I would find the one. Meg was amazing and really guided me. The fact that I had to decide on the day, although at first felt nerve wracking it actually helped, as I knew it was right, and rather than go away and dwell on it. I had to make a gut feeling decision.

- Morgan

I Loved Essense, so when I was told about this event, I had to book in. Sadly my mum couldn't be there, so we facetimed! Because she had already been in and seen the styles and Laura we all felt really happy going for the dress. I am so excited to have a "Tester dress"


I had a full day planned, I had booked into the event because I liked the look of the styles. I tried on the first one and that was it, I knew it was the one, but I still went to check at another shop, but we went straight back. Emily let me try it on again and we matched a belt with it to make it even more perfect. I cannot wait to see it again, I am going to be getting the dress in and wearing it before it has even been put on the website!


If you can go, GO! My mum got all into the critical side, getting up and involved. She loved it as much as I did.