About Us

We are Everything Emily Bridalwear stands for, but we are nothing without each other and our brides. 

Every woman deserves their moment, their special time, a time to celebrate what is happening to them and the exciting things about to happen.

We nurture and support you to find your dress. It doesn’t have to be fashionable, it doesn’t have to be a certain look. It just has to be you. Bring out what those around love, you, a confident and beautiful you.

“When you feel confident and free to be you. 

When you are listened to and encouraged it is an incredibly powerful thing” 

Emily, Founder of Emily Bridalwear

We are women, all with different personalities and backgrounds. Each bringing our own strengths and past experiences to the team. Each of us feel completely accepted and at ease with each other. We have created this working environment of confidence and support so that we as a team can apply this to our brides.

The EB Team

The shop was born from Emily’s desire to provide brides of South Yorkshire a bridal shop that felt safe, comfortable and had an atmosphere of calmness. Fast forward 10 years and the shop has grown into something that is exactly that and more. “I can’t put into words how I feel about our little wedding haven, it feels like home, yet I am always excited to walk through the door, I love everything about our brand, our team and our brides”.
Emily’s partner in crime for quite a few years, you meet this stunning girl and you immediately fall for her. She is unassuming, calm and gentle. But don’t be fooled, without you even knowing she has whipped you into the right dress, accessorised you up and completed your look in a matter of minutes. She has the knack. A very rare thing, she understands people. She gets it. She understands the shy brides, the body conscious brides, she is simply perfect in our eyes. “Working in a bridal shop has always been my career ambition since I was at college. Emily Bridalwear is like my second home. There have been times it would have been simpler to get a fold down bed put in the shop during fittings season. I have a background in textiles so I love texture on a shape, but what really gets me going is precision. A dress has to be made well for me to love it. My current favourites are the new separate from Martina Liana, the freedom to choose a day and a night look is amazing and there is a new Justin Alexander dress that I need to try on, purely for training purposes!”
Our Meg, our little pocket rocket, full of love, with a wonderful outlook and incredibly caring nature.She recently graduated from University of Arts in London with a degree in costume design. To say she is passionate about design, fit and all things textiles is an understatement. Meg has been with us since August 2016 and has settled in brilliantly, she is forever smiling, busying herself with shop duties and making us laugh. Her focus for style and fit has been incredible, she just gets style and what works together. She has a way of finding the right dress for all her brides, any bride is lucky to have an appointment with her, we feel blessed to have her bouncing into the shop every day. Apart from bridal the other love in her life, is her little Nephew, Rudi, if she isn’t showing us a dress or bridal style she loves, it’s a picture of him.
Where to begin with this beautiful person. Married her holiday romance and then spent years travelling Europe with him as he moved from team to team. Did I mention she is a self confessed “HAG” (Ice hockey wife)? Now with a little 2 ½ year old boy and her husband settled in Sheffield, she is now putting down roots and doing things for herself. Hence how we found her. What a find she is. Having experienced the service we offer when her sister got married and bought her dress from us. She has always dreamed of working with us. So when we advertised for another staff member, she immediately applied. So here we are, a clever, thoughtful person, who really listens to what you wants, she takes time to get to know you and helps to create the perfect look for you. She is committed to each and every bride that she sees. An appointment with Emma will be professional, fun and always exceptionally special. Her favourite designer, is Justin Alexander, it has to be, she got married in one of their stunning styles.
Our Gorgeous, smiley Dan, was a past bride of ours. What makes Danielle special is she understands what we are trying to acheive as she has first hand experience of our service. Danielle gets our brides, she knows the pressures of finding the right dress to suit the venue and bodyshape. You will most likely find her with a sash over her arm, calming down our odd anxious bride about what bra or shoes will go with their dress. One of the best things about Danielle, is she is the sweetest, most thoughtful person, who will go to the ends of the earth to get something done. If Danielle says she will do something, you can trust it will get done, neatly and you can guarantee she will have a smile on her face doing it! Danielle’s favourite dress has to be Dabra, her own of course! Let’s see if her eyes stray once the new styles start to arrive. I know a few of the Essense ones are catching her eye! ”Finding my dress back in 2012, sent me to a couple of stores and before I stepped into Emily Bridalwear. I assumed all dress shops were the same, I was sooo wrong! I was made to feel so comfortable, from my first appointment to my final fitting was so easy. I am very passionate about making sure that my brides feel they can be honest and chat to me about anything. For me what makes me feel most proud of my job is making people feel confident, special and most of all supported”